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Net Neutrality Day of Action Statement

July 12, 2017

Statement by Julie Burton, President of the Women’s Media Center

“The Women's Media Center supports net neutrality and the strong net neutrality rules that were fought for and won in 2015 by millions of people who made their voices heard through grassroots online campaigns, comments to the FCC, and in-person protests, just like today’s Net Neutrality Day of Action.  Women use the Internet for basic communication – like the telephone.  We count on the Internet for communications related to every aspect of our lives, including economic stability, political action, news, health care, education, family and in some cases for safety as a method for support in moving families away from domestic violence.  Social media allows those that have been marginalized and discriminated against – especially women and people of color -- to tell their own stories using various modes of multimedia. We ask that the FCC keep the Net Neutrality protections that already exist and support full and equal access to the Internet for all – regardless of income.”