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FBomb Joins Women’s Media Center

April 22, 2014

FBomb Joins Women’s Media Center
Women’s Media Center Welcomes Julie Zeilinger, Founding Editor of The WMC FBomb


The Women’s Media Center is pleased to announce that Julie Zeilinger and the FBomb have joined the Women’s Media Center.  The is a feminist blog and community created by and for teen and college-aged women and men who care about their rights and want to be heard.  Zeilinger joins the Women’s Media Center as Founding Editor of the WMC FBomb.

“I am very excited to expand the reach of the FBomb with the resources, expertise, and media platform of the Women’s Media Center,” said Julie Zeilinger, founder of FBomb. “My very first FBomb interview was with Gloria Steinem and so it feels like coming home to have the FBomb join Steinem’s Women’s Media Center.”

Zeilinger said “The FBomb stands for everything young feminists are today – loud, proud, and passionate.”

“It is official – and great news – that the FBomb has joined the Women’s Media Center,” said Julie Burton, president of the Women’s Media Center.  “The WMC FBomb, its founder, Julie Zeilinger, and the FBomb community of writers, bring an authentic, diverse and powerful voice on all things feminist.  The Women’s Media Center is proud to showcase the FBomb as essential reading. It is also important to the Women’s Media Center that the WMC FBomb maintain its voice and audience – we value and respect the FBomb point of view.”

The WMC FBomb will feature material written by young feminists on and on  New content will be posted three times a week.

Zeilinger started the FBomb at age 16, while still a sophomore in High School. She is the author of two books; “A Little F’d Up: Why Feminism Is Not A Dirty Word” published by Seal Press and the newly released “College 101: A Girl’s Guide to Freshman Year” which was published by Prufrock Press on April 1, 2014.

She is currently a member of the Barnard College Class of 2015.

Women’s Media Center co-founder, Robin Morgan, recently interviewed Julie Zeilinger on Women’s Media Center Live with Robin Morgan.  The interview can be heard here.

The Women’s Media Center works to make women and girls visible and powerful in media. The Women’s Media Center produces original content and journalism through WMC Features, WMC FBomb, and WMC Women Under Siege; trains women and girls to be media savvy and media ready; promotes women experts to the media through WMC SheSource; advocates, educates, and organizes through social media; conducts groundbreaking research and reporting on media representation and accuracy, including its annual publication The Women’s Media Center Status of Women in U.S. Media Report; produces media style guides on covering women politicians and reproductive issues; and documents and reports sexualized violence as a tool of war in Syria and other conflict regions.

The Women’s Media Center was co-founded by Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan and Gloria Steinem.

For press information about The Women’s Media Center, contact Rachel Larris at:, 202-587-1625.