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Activist Appeals to WMC Live After Saudi Government Crackdown on Women For Defying Ban on Driving

October 25, 2013

NEW YORK -- In response to world wide support for the protest to end the ban against women drivers in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Minister of the Interior spokesperson, Major General Mansour Al-Turki, stated, “All violations will be dealt with – whether demonstrations or women driving.  Not just on the 26th. Before and after.  At all times.”

One of the courageous women — there were 47 — who first defied this ban in 1989, sent an appeal to Robin Morgan for help, saying, “Today we had the worst blow ever for the women’s rights movement during the last thirty years.”  Her personal statement on “mobility as a human right” and her appeal can be heard exclusively on Women’s Media Center Live with Robin Morgan, here:, and downloaded from iTunes here, along with Morgan’s call for support demonstrations at Saudi embassies and consulates, and a fax and email campaign. 

The Women’s Media Center encourages media from all platforms to share this message and podcast (with attribution to The Women’s Media Center).

Robin Morgan co-founded The Women’s Media Center with Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem and is the host of Women’s Media Center Live with Robin Morgan, a weekly show on CBS affiliate WJFK in Washington, DC and a podcast available for download from and on iTunes.

Said Morgan, “I salute the brave women in Saudi Arabia for trying to take to the roads yet again in their attempt to overturn religious extremists’ tradition that bars women from driving.  It is an economic matter, needed by women who work, who go to school, who need to transport their children, in a country with no mass transit.  Women have mobilized public opinion in their favor, showing that until now no laws—secular or religious—proscribed their driving. Now the government officially threatens punishment for those who demonstrate or drive as “opening venues to sedition." She continued, “I received an appeal from a brave Saudi leader for women’s rights and I share her words in the hope of amplifying them through social media and the press.  Hear her own words at and join me in faxing King Abdullah bin Abdul Al Saud: +966-1-491-2726, to lift this ban, and lift this shame on his country before the world.”

Interviews with Robin Morgan can be requested through Cristal Williams Chancellor, media relations manager, or 202-587-1636.
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