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Families Belong Together March in Washington—a photo essay

Across the country people took to the streets on Saturday, June 30, to protest against President Trump's zero-tolerance immigration policy that separates immigrant children from their families. Below are photos taken by photojournalist Jenny Warburg of the estimated 35,000 people who participated in the Families Belong Together March in Washington. 

Demonstrators gathered for the Families Belong Together March in Washington. (Photo by Jenny Warburg)

A woman holding up two signs at the Families Belong Together rally. (Photo by Jenny Warburg)

Lin-Manuel Miranda singing a lullaby on stage next to a sign that reads "Give me your tired your poor your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." (Photo Jenny Warburg)

Man with a megaphone speaks to crowd before the start of the rally in Lafayette Park.(Photo by Jenny Warburg)

A woman holds up a poster with a mock TIME Magazine cover with President Trump that reads "Reunite the Families. TIME for him to go." (Photo by Jenny Warburg)

Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal holds a fist up in the air while surrounded by other demonstrators. Congresswoman Jayapal was the only member of Congress among the approximately 575 people arrested last week for civil disobedience during a sit-in in opposition to the administration's immigration policies. (Photo by Jenny Warburg)

A group of demonstrators marching on the streets, many holding signs as they walk. (Photo by Jenny Warburg)

A woman holds up a sign with a young girl caged behind the stripes of the American flag. Behind her, another person holds a sign that reads "Children are not pawns!" (Photo by Jenny Warburg)

A young girl holds up a sign that reads "I belong with my family and so do they." (Photo by Jenny Warburg)

Demonstrators marching towards the U.S. Capitol building. (Photo by Jenny Warburg)

A woman holds up a sign with a crying child that reads "What if she was YOUR child?" (Photo by Jenny Warburg)

Sign that has one photo of caged immigrants and another photo of Donald Trump behind bars with the caption "Who belongs in a cage?" (Photo by Jenny Warburg)

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, Ai-jen Poo, and other demonstrators leading the March and holding up a large banner that reads "Families Belong Together." (Photo by Jenny Warburg)

A group of five demonstrators holding up a banner that reads "#LoveThyNeighbor (No exceptions)" (Photo by Jenny Warburg)

A person holds up a sign that looks like an American flag but there is an illustration of a young girl caged behind the stripes. (Photo by Jenny Warburg)

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