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Hillary’s Historic Nomination for President — A Photo Essay

| July 28, 2016

North Carolina-based photographer Jenny Warburg was on the floor of the Democratic National Convention this week and captured these images from the historic event nominating Hillary Clinton as the first female candidate from a major party. 



Hillary Clinton about to accept the nomination. (Photo by Jenny Warburg)


Love Trumps Hate

A message from the floor Monday night. (Photo by Jenny Warburg)


Social Justice

Mothers of the Movement. (Photo by Jenny Warburg)



Listening to Mothers of the Movement speak about loss of loved ones to violence. (Photo by Jenny Warburg)



Women workers at the Hotel Sonesta who were given credentials for Monday return to the hotel on a shuttle at the end of the night. (Photo by Jenny Warburg)


Smiling Woman

Labor and civil rights leader Dolores Huerta. (Photo by Jenny Warburg)


Code Pink

Codepink activist at a climate rally outside the hall. (Photo by Jenny Warburg)



Hillary and Bernie delegates show their respective support. (Photo by Jenny Warburg)



Merchandise at Wells Fargo Arena. (Photo by Jenny Warburg)


Man With Baby

They are with her. (Photo by Jenny Warburg)


A Woman's Place is in the White House

Clinton supporter at Nancy Pelosi tea. (Photo by Jenny Warburg)


Strong Together

Rep. Barbara Lee of CA among Clinton supporters. (Photo by Jenny Warburg)



Wisconsin delegate during roll call Tuesday night. (Photo by Jenny Warburg)



The view from the Colorado delegation. (Photo by Jenny Warburg)



A woman selling merchandise at the Metro station. (Photo by Jenny Warburg)



There were tears of joy after Bernie Sanders moved to suspend the roll call and declare Hillary Clinton the Democratic nominee. (Photo by Jenny Warburg)

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