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Women's Media Center produces original features on important issues by women experts and journalists.  Our reports and commentaries provide progressive women's perspectives on both headline stories and timely events ignored or misrepresented in the mainstream media.  National and international contributors -- widely diverse -- include members of the Women's Media Center Board of Directors, Progressive Women's Voices alumnae, SheSource participants, and many others, all using our platform to influence the global disucssion - and all paid honararia in respect for their writing.  They offer our audience must-know information to move forward making change. 

Sarah Weddington: On the 37th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Sarah Weddington: On the 37th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

| January 22, 2010

The author, who learned in high school about the Supreme Court case that gave women reproductive choice and control over their lives, talks to the lawyer who won that victory. More »

Haiti: Absent in Life, Death and On the Evening News

Haiti: Absent in Life, Death and On the Evening News

| January 20, 2010

The author, who has worked in Cite Soleil, a poor district hit hard by the earthquake, asks us to see her partner and friends in Port-au-Prince through her eyes, not as they are customarily portrayed in the media. More »

Women Healthcare Executives—Where Are They in the Health Reform Debate?

| January 19, 2010

The author, an activist for women’s health and safety, looks in vain for leadership from women in corporate healthcare boardrooms as negotiations on reform reach the final stage. More »

Creating Molly Ivins, Red Hot Patriot

| January 13, 2010

How twin sisters are inspired to write their first theater piece and, with the help of some well-placed friends, go on to entice Kathleen Turner to star in the vehicle—all to provide a legendary journalist with her “second act.” More »

Mary Daly, 1928 to 2010

| January 11, 2010

The leading feminist philosopher and theorist died January 3. Here, her friend and former student explains the extraordinary reach of Mary Daly’s fierce intelligence and strong will. More »

Seven Days to Preserve the Internet

| January 7, 2010

FCC rules are about to be made that will either keep the Internet a forum for free exchange of ideas or else reward corporate entities that want to make money by controlling the flow. It’s time for the public to weigh in. More »

Yemeni Women Take Control of Their Lives in Brooklyn

| January 6, 2010

Women from a country in the news for its dysfunction and poverty are reaching out to grasp economic opportunities in their new U.S. home, even as they stay true to traditional roots. More »

Reclaiming Legal Abortion as a Fundamental Right

| January 4, 2010

How did we get to the point where denial of abortion funding for poor women has apparently become an acceptable tradeoff in the campaign for health insurance reform? Here, the former president of Catholics for Choice traces the history and tells us why justice demands the immediate repeal of the Hyde Amendment. More »

The Two Sides of Louisa May Alcott

The Two Sides of Louisa May Alcott

| December 23, 2009

A new documentary, to air next week on PBS’s “American Masters,” paints the creator of Little Women and its feminist heroine Jo as a complex personality, caught up in the needs of a difficult family. More »

Will Fundamental Rights or Fundamentalism Prevail in the Health Care Battle?

| December 21, 2009

Shortly after midnight, Senate Democrats amassed the 60 votes necessary to pass a key test for health care legislation, but only after bowing to demands on abortion coverage that threaten women’s health and well-being. More »