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Women's Media Center produces original features on important issues by women experts and journalists.  Our reports and commentaries provide progressive women's perspectives on both headline stories and timely events ignored or misrepresented in the mainstream media.  National and international contributors -- widely diverse -- include members of the Women's Media Center Board of Directors, Progressive Women's Voices alumnae, SheSource participants, and many others, all using our platform to influence the global disucssion - and all paid honararia in respect for their writing.  They offer our audience must-know information to move forward making change. 

“The Heretics”: Women of the Heresies Collective

| April 12, 2010

The author interviews the maker of a documentary that captures a prolific period of feminist art, focusing on the collective as, according to the film web site, “a microcosm of the larger international women’s movement, in which thousands of small, private groups of women met together in forms unique to their own settings.” More »

That Notorious Good Friday Homily

That Notorious Good Friday Homily

| April 8, 2010

In his controversial sermon at St. Peter’s last week, Reverend Raniero Cantalamessa expressed no concern for Catholic Church policies that endanger women, writes Angela Bonavoglia, author of “Good Catholic Girls: How Women Are Leading the Fight to Change the Church.” More »

Leaders as Guides of Return: Wilma Mankiller

Leaders as Guides of Return: Wilma Mankiller

| April 7, 2010

In her book, Revolution from Within (1992), Gloria Steinem tells a story about her close friend and collaborator Wilma Mankiller, who died yesterday. In the excerpt below (pages 94 to 98), Steinem describes how Mankiller, even before she became the first woman chief of the Cherokee Nation, led by empowering her people. More »

Make Room on the Bench

Make Room on the Bench

| April 6, 2010

U.S. law schools now graduate as many women as men, and women are nearly half of all law firm associates. But representation in the judiciary branch is far from equal, a recent study shows. More »

A Vibrant Encounter Space Online: The International Museum of Women

| March 31, 2010

The International Museum of Women is an innovative “new media” approach that utilizes women’s creative powers as a bridge for activism. More »

Women’s History Spotlight: Jeannette Rankin

Women’s History Spotlight: Jeannette Rankin

| March 29, 2010

Director Kamala Lopez’s film tells the story of the first woman elected to the House of Representatives, one who bridged the suffrage, civil liberties, anti-war and women’s movements of 20th century America. More »

Women’s History Month Primer: Running for Office

| March 23, 2010

At the highest level of elective office in the United States, we’ve seen only a few women go after a major party nomination. The author, a professor of communications arts and sciences, extracts some lessons from their campaigns. More »

Health Insurance: States Move Ahead on Curbing Costs

| March 19, 2010

Whatever happens with health reform in Washington, D.C., unfair health insurance rates for women are being banned by an increasing number of states. Here, two New Mexican advocates tell how it happened in their state. More »

The Right to Choose: Family Lessons

The Right to Choose: Family Lessons

| March 17, 2010

Far from a generational divide, the author, as a young feminist, finds sustenance in the ways the women in her family handled their more limited life choices. More »

Is Wealth a Feminist Issue?

| March 15, 2010

Better paying jobs aren’t enough to ensure women’s economic stability, according to a new study. For black women and Latinas in particular, a focus on bridging the “wealth gap” rather than the pay gap may make the most sense. More »