Winner of FemFlash 2011: Male Privilege

I recently had the honor of co-judging a Feminist Flash Poetry and Fiction contest (called FemFlash) for the website MookyChick. The winner of the contest was recently announced and I'm proud to cross-post the winning poem: "Male Privilege" by C. Askew. Read the other finalists here.


Give me the shovel. Give me the tattoo gun's kiss on my skin. Give me the hard day's work. Give me the graveyard shift. Give me the white van. Give me lager and the night. Give me the warship and the race car. Give me the walk home alone. Give me the chainsaw. Give me the streetlit alleyway. Give me the roadmap's cryptic veins. Give me the fearless midnight park. Give me the swagger. Give me the paycheque. Give me the wet-dream and the punch-up. Give me James Bond and Action Man. Give me walls to build in the baking sun. Give me the engine. Give me the motherboard. Give me the budget and the Bible. Give me strength. Give me the steel-toe-capped boots. Give me brass knuckles and a big dog.

Now look at me. Now tell me I can't.

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Julie Zeilinger
Founding Editor of The WMC FBomb
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