The State of Religious Debate In Our Nation

So here's what some fine churches in our nation have been debating lately. Have they been debating the scriptures? No. Our fates after death? Sort of...

Yes, two churches down south are debating whether dogs can go to heaven. Via their signs. Fascinating stuff. 


So, I don't know what Jesus says, but when I look into my dogs eyes as I promise to take him for a walk, or when I'm angry and I shout, or when I'm sick and he stays with me, I know for sure he's got a soul. 

But anyway, this inspiring debate inspired me to find more church signs. I've seen some around (I live in OHIO after all) that are pretty entertaining. But these win: 

Remember this one? Katy Perry and I Kissed a Girl inspired...

How about: I sent out a lot of unnecessary hate into the world, then I went to hell. 

Or borderline anti-semitic signs!

Hannukah is pretty much spelled how it sounds, actually. Those double n's are tricky, I guess...how about the almost silent "t" in christmas? I think we need to get a second grader up in here and settle this.

Or how about church signs with sexual innuendoes?

And what it all comes down to...

So true. Have that problem all the time. 

Next time you pass a church and they have a winner like this out on the lawn, take a picture. I want to start a collection of these. They make me giggle. 

*FYI: I'm not against Christianity. It's a cool religion and has great values: it's just the hypocrites and the people who don't interpret it very well (in a literal or misconstrued way) that I have the problem with. Cool Christians: Rock On! 

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Julie Zeilinger
Founding Editor of The WMC FBomb
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