The Prince Is Safe Now

This morning I felt extremely lazy, so when I woke up at 11:00 I decided to turn on some cartoons. (Hey, we’re all kids at heart.) There were commercials on, but one of them was a little different than I expected:

When I see Disney princesses, I always think of stereotypical women waiting to be rescued by their prince. In fact, yesterday I was shopping for the Toys for Tots drive my school is holding, and I refused to buy anything with princesses on it. For one, I wanted to stick with gender-neutral toys that boys or girls would feel okay playing with. (I know, gendering toys is pretty messed up.) Mostly, though, I didn’t think that princesses were very good role models for young girls to look up to. The plot of every Disney princess movie revolves around a prince rescuing a princess from whatever horrible situation she is in.

But this commercial flips this idea, making the “princesses” rescue the “prince.” I love this commercial, because it teaches girls that they can do the rescuing, instead of just waiting around for a man to come along. It also makes me want a bike again, and now I wouldn’t even care if it had princesses on it.

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Brenna F
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