Support Women Artists Sunday: Shilpa Narayan

Shilpa Narayan, the woman behind the Youtube username Shilax0929's musical rendition videos had an unlikely beginning that sets her apart from the vast majority of musical acts these days. As a young child, Shilpa gained a sincere appreciation for music. Her parents exposed her to a variety of genres and a particular influence for Shilpa was the Indian music that her mother would sing. As a busy student at Georgia Tech a few years ago, where a musical scene "wasn't too widespread," Shilpa did not have much of an opportunity to become involved in exploring her love of music and singing. However, her musical interests still continued to flourish despite her surrounding environment. Shilpa's final motivation to begin recording covers and share them with the world via Youtube came during one of her final years at Georgia Tech with the release of renowned hip-hop artist and producer Timbaland's album Shock Value, particularly his chart-topping interpretation of the band OneRepublic's song "Apologize." As a big fan of Timbaland's OneRepublic remix, Shilpa convinced herself that if the song hit number one on the Billboard charts, she would allow herself to share her own musical talents with the world. After the song hit the top, she purchased a guitar and the rest is history. In order to place an even greater focus on her singing, Shilpa devoted her time to learning basic technique on the guitar in order to accompany herself. Now based out of New York City, Shilpa plans to use inspiration from the likes of favorites such as OneRepublic, Aqualung, Usher, Ne-Yo, and Death Cab for Cutie to continue honing her guitar-playing and singing, while also working towards composing her own acoustic songs. Striving to make her music "unique-sounding," Shilpa loves adding her own twist to the music that she sings. As Shilpa says, she "looks forward to learning as much about the music industry as possible over the next few years and seeing what the future holds."

-via ReverbNation

Stand Alone

Could've Been

Shilpa Narayan on iTunes: Shilpa Narayan

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