Support Women Artists Sunday: Seeker Lover Keeper

There an awful lot of acoustic bands that come around these days. Oftentimes it's hard to differentiate between them (largely because there's a factory somewhere that makes most of them). But don't lose faith! Sometimes good ones come along. They have brilliant lyrics and are incredibly heartfelt. Speaking of good acoustic bands, how bout that Seeker Lover Keeper!

There's a very bizarre phenomena that happens in the American music scene where a lot of times, bands that have enormous success in other countries fail to even get mentioned in any conversations. That's why you haven't heard of Seeker Lover Keeper despite their debut album going gold over in Australia (and Australia's developed a great music scene! Angus & Julia Stone, The Temper Trap, Cut Copy just to name a few).

Wikipedia describes them as a super-group, which is true in the actual definition of the word, each of the three ladies in the group have careers outside the group, but it doesn't seem right to call a group that makes sentimental, smart acoustic songs a super-group. Semantics aside, the band is composed of Sarah Blasko, Sally Seltman, Hally Throsby. Between the three of them, they have toured with Lykke Li, Broken Social Scene, and have done lyrical work for some of Feist's material. I guess you could probably get away with the term "super" with a resume like that. Not to mention the album was produced by Victor Van Vugt who also produced some PJ Harvey tracks and Nick Cave stuff.

They've received positive press reviews from places like The Couch Sessions, Spinner, and Folk Radio (because they're good). So check them out!

Even Though I'm A Woman

We Will Know What It Is

Seeker Lover Keeper on iTunes: Seeker Lover Keeper

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