Support Women Artists Sunday: Rachel Roy and Jennifer Venditti

So, I recently got an e-mail in regards to SWAS - a regular feature on the FBomb. A reader asked why SWAS was restricted only to musicians...and basically I could think of no other answer than, "I'm really into music and not artistically inclined in other areas so that was really all that occurred to me." I think it's a damn good idea to expand the boundaries of these posts to all types of art - visual, design, dance, drama, writing, film: you name it, let's SWAS it. I'm starting it off all on my own this week, but if you guys are fans of or know of any outstanding women in these fields, please email me suggestions (juliez@thefbomb.org). But for now...

This week SWAS is all about fashion designer Rachel Roy and filmmaker Jennifer Venditti, and their collaboration, the short film "Miroir Mirror."

Miroir Mirror is described as a film centering around: "a young woman who exists in a world that lacks color and inspiration. She is able to discover a world of whimsy and fun through fashion and explores different facets of her personality through her clothing. She ventures out onto the street and sees the world through different eyes – full of color and wonder. As she concludes her journey she encounters a sign that says 'Stop Worrying' which signifies something different to everyone, but is meant to mean that we should stop worrying about what others think, but rather live life and express ourselves however we feel. "

You can check out Rachel Roy's fashion here and Jennifer Venditti here.

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Julie Zeilinger
Founding Editor of The WMC FBomb
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