Support Women Artists Sunday: Rachel Potter

A rock ‘n roll baby, Rachel was born in New Orleans to southern parents who connected over their mutual passion for song. Potter’s earliest memory of music was at age three, standing on the steps of her Baptist church next to best friend Jamey Ray singing in her hometown of Seminole, Florida. Exposed to music from day one Rachel remembers “My dad played guitar around the house and my mom would always sing harmony to oldies in the car.”

After graduating from college she moved to New York where she got a gig singing in a wedding band. After auditioning for Broadway shows for over a year, she booked the WICKED national tour and THE ADDAMS FAMILY. Rachel was ecstatic to fulfill her dream of Broadway but still couldn’t get past her vision of singing country tunes. As THE ADDAMS FAMILY came to a close Rachel raised funds through an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign to record her country dream project: "Live the Dream," a collection of six tunes varying in musical style from country to pop-rock.

Though making a leap from Broadway to country music may be risky, Potter is excited by the challenge. “There’s always risk involved. The biggest risks have the biggest rewards,” Potter says.

Live the Dream


Rachel Potter on iTunes: Rachel Potter

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