Support Women Artists Sunday: Nellie McKay

"Feminists don't have a sense of humor

Feminists just want to be alone

Feminists spread vicious lies and rumors

They have a tumor on their funny bone..."

These brilliantly satirical lyrics come from the song "Mother of Pearl" by Nellie McKay. As it says on the artist's website:

"You should know that Nellie McKay is hard to categorize. She’s done Brecht on Broadway, opened for Lou Reed at Carnegie Hall, sung Woody Allen movie songs at the Hollywood Bowl, performed on A Prairie Home Companion, duetted with Eartha Kitt and Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, played Hilary Swank’s sister on the big screen, paid tribute to Doris Day, and released three wildly acclaimed albums of original music.

Her music is as tuneful and clever as the best of the Great American Songbook-part cabaret, part sparkly pop. But beneath the charming melodic surface is a wit that cuts, and a sharply tuned social conscience."

McKay is an unabashed feminist, as well as a vegan and animal rights activist. She uses her music as social commentary just as much as an artistic statement. She has recorded five albums to date, 2004. The songs vary dramatically in genre, from rap to jazz to reggae to pop. She is a master of irony, often juxtaposing sharp, dark, poignant lyrics with seemingly cheery, palatable beats.

McKay's music is darkly witty and clever, often showing a cynicism for the way the world operates today. If you want to listen to music that is much sharper and smarter than the average records created today by young artists, check out Nellie McKay.

Mother of Pearl

I Wanna Get Married

Nellie McKay on iTunes: Nellie McKay

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