Support Women Artists Sunday: Madison Maxey

Madison Maxey Inc, a growing fashion brand that creates unique blazers in fun and interesting cuts isn’t your typical fashion company.The brand was started by Madison Maxey, a 19 year old California native in December 2011. Her company is organized around one concept; “Blazers for the Individual." All of her designs reflect the idea that the blazer can be a more creative garment than what most stores currently have to offer.

Says Maddison:  "At age 8, I started learning to sew, and since then I would ask for sewing machines for Christmas instead of cell phones or make-up. I spent my summers sitting in on college classes to learn more about the industry and fashion and I devoured books written by my idols on how they started their companies. Instead of going to parties in high school, I rushed home to work on projects, to make new designs, and i ended up making the costumes for my school plays, sewing each one by hand. I was lucky enough to have parents who supported my goals, and i missed days of school to intern at new york fashion week and to tour the Teen Vogue offices (I won a scholarship from the CFDA and Teen Vogue at 18) I had my 9th internship, this one at Nylon magazines this pas fall and I realized that I sacrificed so much of my high school days for this passion and that i wanted to start something now, not wait until i'm $240,000 in debt and desperate for a job.

By supporting our kickstarter, customers are literally helping us make our dreams come true. We care so much about this project, more than anything, but I must return to school in spring to continue my education (in the subject of my parent's choice, mind you) so we need every penny we can get. Spreading the word makes a huge difference too. Blogging about the project, or even a link on Facebook means the world to us and we are so appreciative! We want to make a better blazer, we want to spark a movement of quality fashion, but we can't without your readers support."

Maddison Maxey video

Maddison Maxey's Kickstarter


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Julie Zeilinger
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