Support Women Artists Sunday: Chloe Charles

Melancholic, charismatic, inspiring, and sincere – Toronto-based Chloe Charles breaks black female vocalist stereotypes right away as she arrives on stage with her classical guitar, accompanied by violin, double bass, or other unexpected twists and turns of her musical imagination. A singer-songwriter, drawing from many genres with hints of various ethnic inspirations, Charles’ uncategorizable canon postures an experimental pop sensibility, coupled with chamber folk and subtle flourishes of somber soul music. Chloe likes to express her genre as “Indie Art Folk,” and draws comparisons to Cat Power, Erykah Badu, Joanna Newsom, Etta James, and Bjork. The 25 year old has been recording and performing music since 2005 while attending York University , influenced strongly by her childhood as a mixed-race person in a unique rural environment where she learned to value nature‘s modest pleasures, foster her creativity and discover her inspirations. “I grew up in a forest surrounded by the reverberating hum of frogs and the cries of coyotes. I am inspired by the quaint, love filled and unconventional life of creativity.” Unconventional definitely, perhaps even strange as Chloe is step daughter to Cynthia Lennon and step sister to Julien Lennon, a fact undisclosed to most. Chloe prides herself on change and experimentation and thus, ensures every performance is unique in arrangement and instrumentation. Chloe is just as comfortable performing solo as with any other arrangement and as is clear to her audience she thrives when hearing the interpretation of her songs by new instrumentalists.

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Soon On A Snowflake

Chloe Charles on iTunes: Chloe Charles

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