Support Women Artists Sunday: Bikini Kill

It's baaaaaaack. 

This week - a little history lesson. The post on Care Bears on Fire, and the comments about the riot grrrl movement got me thinking. Most girls my age don't even know what the riot grrrl movement was. 

Riot Grrrl Online describes the movement (they're also a great riot grrrl resource): 

Riot Grrrl began in 1991 at Olympia Washington, when a few girls (mostly from Bikini Kill and Bratmobile) decided to get together and talk about their main interests: feminism and punk rock. The first time they met it was all fun, they put up posters to get attention of other open minded girls. Then they found out they had other things in common: they were all vegetarians; against drugs; and had been molested as children.

At one meeting a very smart girl took notes, photocopied them and turned them into a cool fanzine. That's how it all began. Some people think that Bikini Kill started it all, in my eyes they did. Bikini Kill, however does not think of themselves as starting the riot grrrl movement.

In Bikini Kill's songs, they sing about different women issues such as: rape, incest, and other issues that some women face. Some people think that bikini kill, riot grrrls, and feminists are 'man-haters'. They're not. They just want to be equal to men, not better to them. Zines are a BIG part of the riot grrrl scene. Most riot grrrls believe in DIY. (do it yourself) That means that they start riot grrrl chapters, zines, etc. of their own around the riot grrrl movement.

So, Bikini Kill = a huge part of the riot grrrl movement. Included Kathleen Hanna, Tobi Vail, Kathi Wilcox, and Billy Karren. Was awesome. 

If anybody who was part of this movement wants to comment and enlighten our teenage minds, please do! 



Rebel Girl

Strawberry Julius

Rebel Girl on iTunes: Bikini Kill - Bikini Kill: The Singles - Rebel Girl

Strawberry Julius on iTunes: Bikini Kill - Bikini Kill: The Singles - Strawberry Julius

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