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One afternoon at the age of six years old Amanda Ply walked into a gift shop with her mother. There was a snow globe that caught her attention, playing Beethoven’s “Fur Elise”. After returning home, Amanda found an old junky keyboard her family had in the house and began to teach herself the song by ear. She started to train herself to play songs she heard on the radio and her family started to take notice of her unique ability.

Amanda’s mother made a deal with her that if she stuck with it for a year, her mom would look into buying Amanda a used piano to replace the old keyboard. Amanda never looked back. She was trained for over a decade in classical piano. However, she is the first person to point out that it was “because I wanted to. I’m happy to say my parents never forced it on me, and it was all out of my desire to get better”. All those years led to annual testing through two prestigious programs: The Music Teacher’s Association of California Certificate of Merit, and The National Guild Auditions. Amanda was constantly excelling at these tests and regularly invited to perform at state festivals. She believes that all of this theory training is the reason it is so easy for her to play with other musicians, and sight read (and write) her own music.

Amanda began writing her own songs at a very young age. She remembers her first attempt at a song: “I wrote a song called ‘Arizona’ because of all the trips my family took there. Some of the lyrics were ‘we’re floating on a boat, but no not a moat. It’s hot here in the sun, but oh this is so fun.’ We all gotta start somewhere!”

Almost 20 years later, she has developed into a very honest and poetic songstress. With the release of her debut EP “Runaway”, fans get a glimpse into the life of this 25-year-old singer and songwriter.

-- AmandaPly.com

I Secretly

Amanda Ply on iTunes: Amanda Ply

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