Have something to say? This is your chance to share what you’re thinking. We accept almost anything:

- pop culture observations - feminist musings - creative writing (short stories, poems) - artwork/photos - personal stories

and so on…

Any type of format is welcome- rants, raves, editorial writing, haikus, whatever. Aim for around 400-500 words (although the limit is flexible) and please, try to keep it clean unless you feel a little dirty language is necessary (direct quotes, mind-blowing frustration).

Please try to actually read the FBomb before you submit so that there isn't overlap in content. For example, we get a lot of submissions that basically say: "People don't get feminism but actually it's great!" While this is true (so true!) we've already posted about 15 variations of this, so originality is always appreciated.

Also important to note: while there isn't an age limit for submitters, keep in mind that this is a blog by and for young feminists, and posts should be about content that is relevant to that demographic and written by that demographic.

E-mail your post to fbombsubmissions@gmail.com as a word document attachment or as text in the body of the email. PLEASE TITLE YOUR SUBMISSION and include your preferred username (typically it's your first name + last initial, but it can be a screen name or other preferred name).

If I don't get back to you after around 2 weeks, feel free to re-submit. If I fail to get back to you it's probably because there a backlog of submissions. It's not because I hate you.

Any other queries about the site or life in general (I'll do my best) can be sent to juliez@thefbomb.org




Julie Zeilinger
Founding Editor of The WMC FBomb
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