Struggling With Body Image

I’m not happy with the way I look. I may tell you that I am, but I’m not. I constantly worry if I’m too fat to wear certain clothes, too fat to be desirable, too fat to be beautiful. Who should I turn to for support? My friends? My family?

They feel exactly the same way. All of them, every single person I know says the same thing, that thinness is interchangeable with beauty, that skinny=good and “fat” = bad.

Some teenage girls live in a world where nobody, and I mean nobody, can offer support if they’re worried about their body.

Blame the media. Blame my friends. Blame the media for influencing my friends.

I don’t care who you blame because, I don’t see a way to change it anymore. It doesn’t seem to matter how many “real women” get held up as role models for good body image. Crystal Renn? Fat. Christina Hendricks? Yeah, right. My friends think she’s fat too. I found it a struggle to even think of famous women with “real bodies” that are considered role models. When did skinny become code for pretty, perfect, desirable? Flicking through a fashion magazine, I hear my friends cry, “She’s so skinny!”, as if that was something to aspire to, an ideal kind of body, and not an unrealistic image that’s been doctored to fit a certain look- super thin, poreless, smooth, perfect, beautiful people. There are no too-prominent collarbones or sunken, hollow cheeks, there’s no sallow skin or jarringly obvious ribcages. It’s all been brushed over with the magic wand of photoshop, hiding the reality of being THAT skinny. The media doesn’t want to admit that being thin doesn’t always equal being pretty. The world doesn’t want to admit that someone can be “fat” and pretty.

And honestly? I want to be happy with my weight. I want to love my body.

It’s harder than it sounds. So much harder.

We get bombarded daily with reminders that we’re not good enough, not slim enough, that our skin isn’t smooth enough, our hair isn’t shiny enough, our faces aren’t pretty enough. It’s everywhere. Advertising. Television. Magazines. Clothes stores. Friends. Family. Acquaintances.

Why can’t people just…stop?

Why have we all been brainwashed into idolizing the bodies of models?

Let people love their bodies. Everyone’s unique.

Fat is good.

Skinny is good.

Whatever shape or size you are, you should be accepted by society.

It’s a cliché, saying that.

I just wish it could actually happen.

Hannah writes her own style blog with her friend Naomi, Style Hawkers

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Hannah S
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