Sparknotes Gender Test and Gender Stereotypes

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="134" caption="sparknotes: more than just helping you cheat!"]sparknotes: more than just helping you cheat![/caption]

Ok, the gender test on the Sparknotes website really pisses me off.

Their claim: "Guys and girls are different in ways only we realize. In fact, without asking about your clohtes, grooming, or chest, our Gender Test will predict, with 100% accuracy, whether you're a guy or a girl. This test's patented Geni-Tell technology has gotten smarter with every taker. Finally, witness the true power of the Internet."

I took the test and, apparently, I am a man:

"Well, deep down, your gender affects everything about you, from your favorite number to your views on Canada. Many men who took the test think and act just like you, as you can see from the graph above. Statistically speaking, you are a man—whether you know it or not."

I'm not offended. But really? It's stupid to say that all/most people act and think alike just because of their gender. I'm not "statistically" a man. I'm not secretly a man just because I think a certain way. I'm just a person.

And here's the picture that went with the results:

I think it's supposed to be...a "butch" female? Since they're only 36% sure I'm a male?

Thank you, Sparknotes, for adding more gender stereotypes into the world!

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Shanminio D
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