Saturday Vids: TBYT Summer Dares

Our names are Lauren and Victoria Coaxum. We are teen sisters who run the anti-cyberbullying and positive self-esteem campaign, Think Before You Type. TBYT is here to raise awareness about cyberbullying and to inspire other young people to use the internet for good. Our campaign is social media, blog, and YouTube based.

This summer we’re starting a contest of sorts through our blog and YouTube channel. Just for some background, every Sunday we we post a video that challenges our viewers to do something that will have a positive impact on those around them. We call them our TBYT Dares of the week. We decided to build off this and start something new called TBYT Summer Dares which will be replacing our weekly dares over the summer. We made this video as an introduction to it:

Our goal with this is to get young people involved in having a positive impact on their communities summer. We hope you choose to get involved!

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Lauren and Victoria C.
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