Saturday Vids: Shree Bose, Teenage Cancer Researcher

Shree Bose has inspired me since I learned that she was the Grand Prize winner of the Google Global Science Fair. As her TEDxwomen's speaker's page describes: "[Shree's] award-winning project involved the study of a particular protein, AMP kinase, of interest in cancer cells. Through tests on inhibiting this protein’s activity, her research determined its extreme importance in the development of chemotherapy resistance. She proposed a new way to treat resistant patients when they no longer respond to the chemotherapy drug. For the over 240,000 patients diagnosed with ovarian cancer, this research will reduce the recurrence rates in patients treated with particular chemotherapy drugs." Pretty amazing, considering she just graduated high school. I wanted to share with everybody Shree's entry for the Women's Media Center's Girls State of the Union video contest as well as her TEDxwomen talk -- just in case there was still any lingering doubt that women belong in the fields of math and science.

Girls State of the Union

TEDxWomen (Shree's speech is from 5:00-10:20)

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Julie Zeilinger
Founding Editor of The WMC FBomb
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