Random Urban Dictionary: Star Trek

In honor of the new completely badass Star Trek movie, let's explore what the masses at Urban Dictionary think. Apparently Star Trek is the pacifist, superior version of Star Wars that everyone's sick of. Cool.


1) Star Wars' mortal enemy

 StarWars Kid: Use The Force!

StarTrek Kid: Phasers on Stun! 

2) A television show originally spawned by Gene Roddenberry. It Is the greatest science fiction show ever produced. It, unlike nearly every other science fiction show or movie, relies on a cerebral approach to solve a poblem rather than a gun, something that is very twoubling in today's science fiction. Star Wars posesses a James Bond sort of quality of shoot, shoot again, shoot some more, blow up something, kill billions of people only to be redeemed by saving one.
It is a great travesty that after the murder of billions, Vader was redeemed by saving the life of one, his son, who also killed billions all in the name of an equally imperialistic cause. Star Trek would never allow that.
3) A great sci-fi franchise that has perhaps seen one too many years (the original series was the best). I swear to God though, if I see one more fuckin' comparison to Star Wars I'll beat your fuckin' asses.
Star Trek's best captain (and biggest playa) is James T.Kirk.
Let's hear it for the trekkies out there!

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