Pink and Blue

It breaks my heart whenever I hear that women in China and India are having abortions or killing their new born babies just because they turn out to be girls. I'm pro-choice, but having an abortion because your baby is a girl instead of a boy is just beyond disturbing, sexist, and repulsive. The worst part is, the same attitude is prevalent in North America. We may not be killing our new born daughters (not that I know of at least) but a lot of women are definitely devaluing their gender and have become active participants in our good ol' patriarchy.

Think of all the times you've heard women say that they would rather have a boy if they ever became pregnant. Now think of why they say that. My friends always say that they really want a boy only because it is much more "fun" in terms of the clothes and toys you get for them. After all, "You don't have to worry about boys as much. They can be independent! and that is so cool". And it's not just my friends who say that. I've heard almost all my relatives say it, random strangers on the bus, and even celebrities. Am I the only one who thinks that there's something really wrong with this picture?

Whenever I hear these comments I can't help but think "did feminism ever happen, people?!" If you have a baby girl, you don't have to make sure she wears pink dresses all the time, or that she's playing with barbies and tea sets, or that she's a useless pretty doll who will depend on someone for the rest of her life. It is just so retro to think that way. Why can't we raise our boys and girls the same way? Let's get them the same clothing with the same colors. And no, I'm not talking about "gender neutral colors" like green and yellow, but let's get them every piece of clothing in every color that is available. Let's buy every type of toy out there for our children to stimulate their minds in every way. Let's raise them to be independent, successful, and smart people someday. We are really damaging our children by raising them based on gender roles. If children are treated the same way, then they will see that. And they will never think of a reason why sexism should exist.

And why are women devaluing their gender? Are we really ashamed of the characteristics attached to the female gender? Now is the time to change that. Let's not "prefer" boys and give in to patriarchy. Let us raise our daughters with confidence and an open mind. Let's raise our daughters the same way would raise our sons. The same way we would like to have been raised. As cliche as it sounds, children are the future, and the way we raise them will determine the state of feminism tomorrow.

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Natalia K
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