what do i dream of, while i'm lying alone in my bed, swallowed by the darkness, comforted only by the branches whispering into my window

i can't fall asleep. i see the faces, of all the girls who have slipped through the barrier of our planet

see them crying, see them screaming see them gasping and thrashing i see them so well, it is almost as if the images are being projected onto the dark ceiling and i can't fall asleep.

the feeling suffocates me, grabs me its strong fingers tearing at my skin, letting the darkness get to me.

my ears buzz, my throat starts closing and i squeeze my eyes as tight as i can knowing if i let tears stream down my flushed face, it's a sign ive been defeated

and i can't fall asleep.

just knowing, just letting my mind think, provokes emotions so strong, it’s like i embodied another, someone who went through everything i had only imagined,

and i can't fall asleep afraid the nightmares will be worse than the thoughts i already cannot control.

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Elise F
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