Percentage of Women Who Believe It's OK For Husbands To Hit Them

Image via Global Health Magazine

Just in case you haven't seen this chart yet (via Jezebel and Feministing) it depicts the percentage of women who believe that their partner would be justified in hitting or beating them.

I know that the argument of "men are abused, too" always comes up when I bring up domestic violence. And it's true, men are abused as well, and it's a very serious problem.

But here's the difference: what would this chart look like if men were asked the same question? How many men would think having their wife beat them would be okay?

Of course I can't know the answer to that, and I could be proven wrong. Maybe men also think that it's okay for women to abuse them, that they deserve it. But somehow I think men are less likely to feel that worthless.

The way I see it - men and women can both abuse their partners, and there are too many occurrences of both, to say the least. But the way society reacts to the abuse of each gender, and the way we feel about that abuse, is a completely different story.

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Julie Zeilinger
Founding Editor of The WMC FBomb
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