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With things being so crazy with my internship at the National Council for Research on Women (NCRW) I've decided to fill y'all in on the great work I've been doing there. 

Almost 2 weeks ago, the NCRW had a conference that featured many terrific panelists. One of the best ones in my opinion was the panel on Popular Culture and Gender Images. The panelists included Latoya Peterson from racialicious (I want to be her best friend),

 Dr. Laura Plybon of Girls Inc., Glennda Testone from the Women's Media Center and Anne Zill of the Women's Center for Ethics in Action. Topics of conversation ranged from the Rihanna/Chris Brown domestic violence case to the lack of marketing to black women in the video gaming world. Overall really engaging- Courtney Martin (who was in the audience) did a great live blogging of the panel over at feministing...check it out, it's a great summary.

Also, I recently blogged through the NCRW's blog about another panel-like event I attended- this time through WomenGirlsLadies - called Dads, Dudes and Doing It, a discussion on men, masculinity and fatherhood in feminism in honor of father's day.


The panel included Courtney Martin, of fabulous feministing fame; Deborah Siegel from Girl w/ Pen; Kristal Brent Zook, journalist and author; and Gloria Feldt, feminist activist, author and speaker.

The main questions addressed were: How were your ideas about men and masculinity formed while growing up? How did men shape your thinking about your own identity as a woman? What is the role for men in the contemporary and future feminist movement?

I thought the panel was really thought provoking, especially since I think involving men in feminism is really a paramount issue. To read the blogging I did (with another wonderful intern, Shirley Kailas) click here.

So, as you can see, I've been pretty freakin busy. I'll try to get it back on track in the very near future and AS ALWAYS if any of you want to write drop me an e-mail and I'd love to put you up!

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Julie Zeilinger
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