My Feminist Rant

First off, I want to clearly state that I’m well informed about feminism and I associate myself with feminism, despite the fact that many things within the feminist movement bother me. For example, the idea that being "slutty like men" is liberating. It's not. Self respect is for both genders. Liberation is being able to choose whoever you want to sleep with, without damaging yourself or someone else. I can just hear the sound of keys on keyboards typing, “You’re not a feminist. I can sleep around with as many people as I want and I shouldn’t be called a slut!” I’m tired of hearing those rants about using feminism as some excuse for self-damaging yourself. (Yes, too much sex can lead to many health problems as well as psychological damage).

Anyways, that's not my point. I’m 19 years old, and I have found myself wondering, what do feminist think about women who try to steal boyfriends, use their sexuality to manipulate or hurt people, and completely self-deprecating themselves by walking around with no underwear in public where everyone can see your hoo haw? I have encountered women like this so many times that I feel my feminist heart is beginning to turn around. When I stand up for women against sexism and I encounter women who basically set our movement back, I want to shake them. To me, they are just as bad as the chauvinistic male pigs.

Women who haven’t encountered feminism also extremely bother me. HELLO? Where have you been your whole life? Under a rock? Have any of you been hurt by sexism or feel the least bit sting of it? Sometimes I just want to whack some sense into these grown women who have no idea about feminism, criticize it, or just plainly self-objectify themselves.

I apologize for the rant-like style, but hopefully my point came across: Sisterhood is important, sure, but can we really afford to ignore women who are an obstacle for the feminist movement's progression?

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