My Body Is

My body is not an object.

It is not another’s to sculpt or scrutinize.

It is not the canvas on which you paint your expectations and standards.

It is not your playground.

My body is not your project.

It is not where you decide.

It can’t be told what to wear, how to change, when to be available.

Its boundaries are not determined by the others.

My body is my home.

It is where I write my story.

It is where and how and why I reject your critiques and limitations.

It is rebellion in itself.

My body is a revolution.

It is the personification of my soul.

It is the vehicle through which I dance, riot, love, explore.

It is my choice.

It is my reclamation.

It is ever changing, always speaking, and forever worthy of my love.

But first and foremost, it is mine.

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Melanie Z
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