Love Twilight?

I do. There's a lot of shit in there I don't agree with- for one Bella is probably the stupidest protagonist ever, and of course, that her one goal in life is to give her soul to a guy, sacrificing education and career fulfillment along the way along with a ton of other stuff is disgusting...but then again Edward is dreamy. He would bring me food whenever I wanted...anyway.

I'm not obsessed with it like some girls are. I've got this one friend who's obsessed enough for the whole country. She's working on covering her entire room with Twilight paraphernalia and I'm pretty sure she's contacted a few priests about their views on marrying her to a fictional character.

I thought this article was pretty interesting: http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200812/twilight-vampires

In my opinion it comes the closest to analyzing the Twilight phenomenon accurately: i.e. Girls want a guy who will be completely devoted to them.

She says some other stuff too.

If you're not into reading I also like Sarah Haskin's view:


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