Indian Muslim Women: Excluded from Indian Feminism?

In India, the Dar-ul-Uloom's (an Islamic school propagating Sunni Islam in India) recently declared a new fatwa which states that it is un-Islamic for women to work with men and talk to them. The fatwa is extremely misogynistic in nature.. A huge furor was created in India after the fatwa was issued and it lead to a wide ranging debate with many Muslims divided on the issue. It indicates that reform measures undertaken in the Indian Parliament to uplift the condition of Indian women are useless when it comes to Indian Muslim women. It seems that, while a silent feminist revolution is in the works in India, Muslim women are largely not included in it.

The clerics who issue such fatwas are unwilling to allow Muslim women to move ahead and advance their position in society.They are of the stern view that women are meant to stay at home and look after their families.

It is also an extremely dicey situation for the government of India to handle because if they take sides against the Islamic clerics they risk losing the support of conservative Muslims. But lucky for us we have a highly effective media who highlight such issues and bring to light the otherwise hidden plight of Muslim women in Indian society.

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Aleka R
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