Huge and Feminist Stereotypes

Yet again, the media continues to fail with another horribly unrealistic feminist character. I was interested in the new series "Huge" and how this show would portray body image issues. However, when Willy, the main character, declared herself an "angry feminist" in the most recent episode, I became more distracted with this. Willy is an overall arrogant and obnoxious character. She is cold and makes more enemies than friends. She is mistaken for a lesbian. She is the most irrational and unreasonable character on the show.  She has some good points to make, but does so in a completely absurd manner (ex: pasting photos of real women and calling it "fatspiration")

While there are many types of feminists, I do not understand this stereotypical feminist. I have yet to meet a bra-burning, hairy monster in the feminist movement. In fact, I know many feminists who defy the stereotype, including people who are religiously observant, sorority girls, and male feminists to name a few. However, the media and entertainment industry continue to show feminists as mean girls/women who will never provide a rational voice in society. Through this negative portrayal of feminism, audiences become accustomed to feminism as something they could never relate to.

For me, feminism has always been a positive experience. Feminism became a huge turning point in my life. I am no longer that miserable teenage girl wishing to fit in and become skinny. Once the media captures feminism in this type of positive light, more teenagers will want to join in. Until then, we'll have to keep fighting this stereotype by being the best feminists we can be.

P.S.  Huge isn't over... there is time for the media to redeem itself, but don't hold your breath :)

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Carmen R
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