Homecoming Week Montgomery Blair High School Style

My name is Diane A, and I lead the Women's Advocacy Group at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring Maryland. One of our most active members, Nellie B, is already a contributor to the f-bomb.

These are some photographs of the hallway Women's Advocacy decorated for our school's Homecoming week. Our decorations didn't exactly fit into the designated "Las Vegas" theme, but they definitely caused a stir. I gathered facts from articles and organizations, and my club sponsor printed out a list of feminist quotes. At our first meeting, members spread out along the hallway and picked the facts and quotes they found most personally relevent, and wrote them on big pieces of colorful construction paper. We arranged these posters, along with other cutouts and symbols, to create a sort of mosaic.

Students and staff reacted well to the hallway, and within a few days our facebook group had ten additional members!  Little groups would gather between classes to read all the posters, and I heard a lot of people say things like, "Wow I had no idea." This hallway represents one aspect of our group's mission to make sure "feminism" is not a dirty word in our high school. Plus, in the first few days no posters were torn down and there was only one act of vandalism, which is definitely a record!



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Diane A
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