Hayley Williams' Topless Photos: Who Cares?

So, as you may or may not have heard, a topless photo of Hayley Williams was posted on her Twitter. The post was deleted fifteen minutes later, and thirty minutes after that, another post appeared saying she'd been hacked. Nobody knows whether or not this is true, but the internet is abuzz with speculation, and, of course, judgments on her moral character. There are some who say "she'd never do that, she was hacked" and some who say there's no way she was hacked and she's a trashy slut, and some who say "oh, she made a mistake, we all do." Well, I'm calling b.s. on all of these viewpoints.

You guys. Big deal. They are boobs. Girls have boobs. Did you know? Twenty-one-year-old women have boobs. Women who sing for bands I like have boobs, women who sing for bands I don’t like have boobs.Sometimes women take pictures of their boobs. Sometimes people besides these women hack into their twitter accounts and post them; sometimes these women post them themselves but then because people shame them for it pretend they are hacked. Who knows? who fucking cares? it’s not like she’s underage. It’s not like people don’t have topless pictures of Taylor Lautner or whoeverthefuckelse. It’s not like nipples on girls are more sexual than nipples on guys.

People defending her? Stop talking about how she made a mistake, she did something stupid, whatever. IT DOESN’T MATTER. Because women in any kind of performance industry are constantly encouraged to be sexysexysexy and show as much skin as possible… without showing the dreaded naked boobs. Because, my friends, having nipples makes you a whore.

And sure, maybe she was hacked. And if so, I feel really bad for you, Hayley. That sucks ass and is not okay for someone to leak photos of you that you really didn’t want people to see. But if you did post it yourself? Fine. I’m glad you felt comfortable with that, and I’m sorry that that confidence got taken away so quickly in the face of “disappointed” fans. Either way, I don’t like Paramore much at all, but I still fucking respect you as a person, and I hope that you appreciate that in the face of people either defending that you would “never do such a thing” or being “disappointed” in you. Really, you are twenty-one years old, and it is not a big damn deal.

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Freddy-May A.
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