Growing up too fast

It scares me that things have changed so vastly in the 2 years since I've been in middle school. It seems to me that there is a very different standard for popularity nowadays then there was when I was in 7th and 8th grade. I've come to the conclusion that middle-schoolers are trying to grow up way too fast.



I've heard stories that now there are 7th graders at my school who are making out and boys cheating on their girlfriends. IN 7TH GRADE. They're 12 and 13. Its baffling to me. Maybe I'm just exceptionally unobservant but I'm almost positive that those kinds of things didn't go on at my school at that age. It sucks even more because I'm sure that their parents try and tell them to stop acting older then they are, but they aren't gonna listen. because DUH: Older kids don't.

The problem: young kids are given this fabricated version of high school. They're given all these cliché's they think they have to fulfill. All I know is that my high school is NOTHING like the schools on TV. I'm not completely oblivious, I know cliques exist, especially at schools bigger then my own, but honestly all these young kids are having it pounded into them that they've got to be a specific person in high school. I feel like they've pretty much already been categorized.  I wonder if they feel like they're destined to be a certain person because of stereotypes portrayed in movies and on TV.

This is all so sad to me, when you're young the only thing you want to do is get older, the media makes it look so different then how it actually is. I'm not old, I'm only 16, but I'm right about at the point where people really start to expect things from me. Every time I see a young girl dressing or acting older then she actually is all I want to do is go up to her and just say "You've only got so much time left as a kid, act like one. Do it for those of us who have one foot out the door."

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Hannah S
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