GR!C: Day 3

Our band finally has a name and a logo, which will be screened onto shirts, so each band has merch. Sweet!  It had been down to Electric Field Trip or On The Fritz, but fate...took another course...(dun dun daahhh!).  We hadn’t been able to decide, so we asked some counselors and campers which they liked better.  Electric Field Trip emerged as favorite, but there was a problem: we already had artwork for On The Fritz that we were really happy with.  So yesterday at lunch we decided to come up with a completely new name and insert it into the old logo I’d drawn.  We struggled to think of something.  “Wayward something might be good.  Like ‘wayward’ and then some sort of textile...Velvet? Linen?  Something really flow-y.”  We liked this idea, but couldn’t think of something really great to go with wayward.

 I suggested we name some of our favorite words.  “Ok, what are some that you like?” Erica asked me.  “Well, hmm...I like cacophony, morose, maudlin...The Wayward Cacophony?  Or maybe The Maudlins.”  We all like the last one a lot.  “We could play around with the spelling too, if we wanted.  It could be l-y-n-n-s instead of l-i-n-s.” I said.  “I like that, then it’ll sound like a family band!” said Erica.  So now we’re The Maudlynns.  Now that I think about it, this is the fourth year I’ve come up with the band’s name.  The Jagged Tulips was the first, something I had thought of before camp started.  Then there was The Mango Lassies, which came into being while poring over the menu at an Indian restaurant.

 Jessica Hopper, the author of The Girls’ Guide to Rocking, paid a special visit to camp during lunch and spoke with us about her book.  I really wanted to interview her for my post, but there were two problems. 1: I didn’t have any questions ready; 2: I’ve been having a hard time interviewing people at camp, for the simple reason that I can’t write down what they’re saying fast enough.  For example, yesterday in bass class, my teacher Allison was saying something really cool on her habit of dissecting songs so as to better understand them: “Like, Love Song by The Cure?  I know how to play the drum beat, the bass line, the guitar part, everything.  If I can own it in my head, then I feel like I really know the song, that it’s really in there.”  My thoughts after scrambling to write all this down?  “So that’s why reporters use tape recorders!” 

After speaking with Jessica for a few minutes, she agreed to do an email interview, which you can read in tomorrow’s installment.

We also had the camp’s first ever Self-Defense workshop. “If someone is attacking you, you are no longer the victim.  When you’re defending yourself, they should become your victim,” the instructor tells us.  We were shown some moves to practice with our band mates. They ranged from poking someone in the eyes (simple and effective no matter what your age or level of strength) to a move that could kill someone if you do it hard enough (and that we had to swear not to tell — or use — on anyone).  We also learned the importance of being aware of your surroundings and how to avoid situations that require the use of these skills in the first place. We ask a lot of questions, which she happily answers.  I’ve finally satisfied my long burning curiosity on how to properly head-butt someone!  At one point she says that being loud is all you need, and encourages the 80 girls to scream at the top of their lungs.  Bracing myself, I plug my ears and look over to see several counselors reach for their earplugs.  At the end, I overhear a counselor say, “And, armed with this information, bands of furious eight year olds took over the world!!”

 A band called The Locals performed today.  there was yet another dance party (I think it would be hard not to have one!).  Whenever their bassist played, she would shake her head from side to side, her face obscured by a blur of black hair.  The lead singer/guitarist was barefoot! They all seemed to be having a great time, which made watching them even more enjoyable.

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