You don’t get to say

That because I was born with these parts And not those That I have to wear eyeliner Or make someone breakfast Or suck a dick

You don’t get to say

That I’m not a nice young lady Because I cuss and smoke And I don’t fit into the box you built for me

It’s not my job to clean the house Because of the vagina between my legs And I don’t need your permission For anything

I can work harder And run faster And out fight most of the men I know There is nothing wrong with me Just because I come from a land you’ve never been to And speak a language you can’t learn Don’t berate me Just because I’m out of your reach

I don’t have to paint my nails

And you don’t get to say I should stay home and make babies Or that I need to mind my manners I will say fuck Fuck Fuck

Every day if I want to

And I will love how I choose And fiercely And I will change the world And grow into something more beautiful Than the walls you try to erect around me

Don’t hate me because of your fear

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Molly B
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