Get Back in the Kitchen

The age old joke along the lines of ‘woman, get back to the kitchen,’ is pretty much thrown about on the internet and in real life. As a seventeen year old girl, I’ve come into contact with boys who think it’s the funniest thing ever to tell me to ‘make them a sandwich’ or ‘do the ironing.’ Only last Saturday a boy I’d just met told me to get him a beer and when I gave him a scathing look, told me he was joking.

I do, surprisingly, have a sense of humour. I laugh at things that are funny, I like controversial humour and I’m not easily offended. Honestly, it’s not the fact that boys think it’s okay to make jokes out of a woman’s supposed domestic role that irks me most. It’s more that girls think it’s okay. When asking a girl if they find sexist jokes funny, most will answer yes and say that they can ‘take a joke’. Girls like to look like they are one of the boys, easy to get along with and not a nagging psycho bitch. And there's nothing wrong with not wanting to be a psycho bitch. It’s just that they often demean themselves whilst trying to act like this. These girls take much more than is actually acceptable. Some boys do not think twice about saying things that are clearly sexist and derogatory, just because a girl will not complain if it’s ‘just a joke.’

It all goes back to girls being ashamed to be seen as feminist. Feminism has connotations that are not popular with the opposite sex, which is obviously important at this age. I think we as young girls need to understand that it’s a good thing to be strong and outspoken, especially if we feel a boy has gone too far with his jokes. If by trying to impress a boy we have to lower ourselves, we should really reassess if this is the sort of boy we actually want to impress. It’s not embarrassing to consider yourself a feminist, and I’m not going back to the kitchen any time soon.

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Holly D
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