Gen Eff: What You Don't Know Can Kill You

I wanted to share this with you guys. This is a new non-profit in my hometown that aims to increase health care awareness among teens and twenty-somethings. Health care is such a huge issue that I've been directly effected by - health care has been a difficult thing for my family to get because my Dad is self-employed and my Mom has a pre-existing condition. I know as much as anyone that our country has so many issues with health care. It's nice to see that people are trying to address them, especially for my generation.

Gen Eff is a new national grassroots movement with one goal: prevent an entire generation of kids from falling through the cracks of today's health care system. The non-profit organization encourages adolescents and young adults ("AYAs") to discover and document their own family health history, ask questions of their doctors, and make sure their voices are heard.

Gen Eff raises awareness about the risks of serious disease and educates AYAs through its web site, blogs, twitter feed, and events organized by the AYAs themselves. The group also creates and publishes tools for parents and educators that help spread the word and ensure that this group doesn't become the victim of a complex, oftentimes, dysfunctional health care system.

Gen Eff was founded as a long lasting tribute to Jeffrey "NEWBE" Newbauer who died at age 23 in 2006 from a rare ancer known as Rhabdomyosarcoma. It was not diagnosed early enough while Jeffrey was away at college. The tragedy took a young adult's life unnecessarily, and through the journey his treatment and subsequent end of life, Jeffrey's family promised their son that he would have a legacy that would live on in his memory. The creation of gen eff is just that. It's a testament to a young man who faced his life and death with optimism and a true desire to help others. Jeffrey caputred national media attention with his national baseball ballpark tour in 2006. He brought awareness in the stands and with the media, appearing on such programs as "CNN Saturday Morning" ESPN's "Cold Pizza" and other radio and news programs around the country.

Gen Eff's goal is to reach 1 million teens and twenty-somethings this year through its website, Facebook and other networking sites. More information about gen eff is available via its website and popular social networks.

Visit www.geneff.org

If you are a AYA, or know one, please send the link on. Who know?  Doing so could save a life.

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Julie Zeilinger
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