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It seems like blogging is a pretty accepted form of spreading the feminist word. However, we don't talk about those who are doing some awesome feminist vlogging. I thought today I'd share some of the cool vlogs I've come across.


SHE TV is described as:

S.H.E. (Sugar Hooker Entertainment) is a Los Angeles based multi-platform girl culture brand. SHEtv’s latest production, called “G.I.R.L. (Girls In Real Life),” offers conversation among girls about real-life subjects that are relevant to girls aged 12-24. G.I.R.L. is a live, hosted magazine show, where segments are dictated by the interactive audience.

“TV networks don't have characters that speak to the diversity of girls who exist out there economically, socially, and ethnically," says Jerra Spence, CEO of S.H.E. "Girls are forced to look to fantasy novels and movies like “Twilight” and overseas to Anime heroines for girls that are more like themselves – complicated, full of oxymorons and self-exploration. We are bringing them back to themselves."

SHEtv's programming features an all-female DJ show, bands, sugar-free cooking, Hollywood all-ages clubs, and scripted variety shows. Since launching, SHEtv has enjoyed over 1.3 Million viewers.

While looking through SHE TV, I was surprised that in one of their "discussion" shows they actually straight up addressed feminism. I feel like a lot of these types of "girl power" media are all for empowerment as long as they don't have to associate themselves with the dreaded f-word.

The show G.I.R.L (Girls In Real Life) is also quite awesome. It's live and the connection/quality is kind of meh (true to stickam form) but the conversations they have are really great. Check out this episode - it's an hour long, but worth it. I'm glad people are FINALLY talking about these issues.

Smart Girls At The Party

I think this show, and my undying love for Amy Poehler at that, has come up before. But seriously, it's still so freakin awesome. Basically, Amy Poehler interviews young girls who are "changing the world just by being themselves." Interestingly enough, Barbie is the sponsor of these videos, which I'm not really too concerned with considering I'm just glad they exist. As Amy described the show in her interview with Marianne Schnall (the awesome woman behind feminist.com) "Be yourself! And then tell us about it! And then let's dance!" And again! They address feminism! YAY!

The Feminist: Ruby

Also Care Bears on Fire is interviewed. I've blogged about Care Bears on Fire before to a bit of controversy. Just saying...they're still pretty cool.

If you guys know of any other awesome feminist vlogs, please leave them in the comments! I'm always on the hunt.

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Julie Zeilinger
Founding Editor of The WMC FBomb
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