Female Chauvinist (Caramel Colored) Pig

I'll admit it. The first time I watched the video for California Gurls, I thought it was pretty cool. Until Katy Perry went crazy with the whipped cream on her boobs. Of course, from the beginning of the video, I thought it was classic "female chauvinist pig" material. But I let it go and took in the sugar. But as I already said, the whipped cream and boobs combo just pushed my limit.

California Girlz

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term "female chauvinist pig", it refers to those women trying to achieve gender equality by being as promiscuous and sexually "liberated" as men are. Not only do they end up objectifying themselves even more, they are unsuccessful at achieving any sort of equality. In fact, it contributes to sexism in our society even more. A female chauvinist pig "owns" her sexuality by being “comfortable” in provocative clothing, when in fact they are just making it easier for men to see them as a sexual object. This female "sexually liberating" theme is so obvious in California Gurls that it becomes soft-porn for men and it makes women (especially Katy Perry) look stupid.

The video takes place in a Candyland, the closest resemblance to California (supposedly). Snoop Dog looks down at all the sweet half-naked women covered in cotton candy, who are microscopic compared to him. This is a clear example of women being portrayed as objects, therefore inferior to men, which is what makes them so great for entertainment. The setting of the video resembles the board game “Candyland”, a form of entertainment. And Snoop Dog is just there to be entertained. Things don't look too shabby in Candyland for women either; there's candy everywhere and they are semi-naked all of the time with cherries covering their nipples. Really, life could not be better. It looks like they are taking charge of their land and they do whatever they want for fun; although it is even more fun for Snoop dog who is watching all of this fun caramel stuff from up top. Then there's the hot finale: Katy Perry places the bottles of whipped cream on her breasts and she attacks everyone with whipped cream, while her breasts are about to pop out.

The hot finale, Katy Perry naked on a cotton candy clown, and the sexual content in the lyrics, make up this soft-porn film for men. It makes your popsicle melt for Christ's sake, even Katy Perry admits to it! So is this really what women call owning their sexuality?

Katy, when you are playing the part of Snoop dog, and you're looking down at half-naked men covered in cherries who make your vagina melt...then you can give me a call.

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Natalia K
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