Don't Be a Band Creeper

It seems that people these days don't have lives. Its too bad really. I've become increasingly aware of this fact because lately i've realized that the obsession rate with some musicians and bands is reaching insane proportions.

Okay i'll admit, I've been obsessed with musicians, until very recently actually. I wouldn't say that I was of the stalking status. I mean they're celebrities people know shit about them, and its not like I went looking for information that wasn't already given. I mean its fun to fantasize about going to a concert and having the lead singer of --insert band here-- just falling, head over heals, wear my ring, forever and always, love at first sight, in love with you. Because you just look so beautiful in the glow of the stage lights not like all those other shallow whores throwing themselves at you. See I've put thought into this. I used to do it. Duh, we all have.

It's petty, I know, sometimes you just cant help yourself. But I've just begun to realize how fucked up that is. These people have lives. So we should probably stop fucking them up.

Its seriously upsetting to me to see how desperate some girls are. They will do anything to get to these guys. Stop worrying about band members they have their own friends, girlfriends, families, and lives! As much as we might not want face that fact its true.

They want to play music. Isn't that why we love them? Let them play! They love us, I know they do! Because they wouldn't get very far without us right? That sounds cocky, obviously we can't take complete credit, because without their insane musical talent they wouldn't have gotten anywhere in the first place, so its not due completely to us. They love and appreciate the fans more then anything, but its impossible for them to have a personal relationship with everyone. They have better things to do then sit all day and answer direct  messages, they probably wouldn't even get around to all of them. Would you rather them answer your message than make music? But, I'm sure they would love us even more if we let them live their lives outside of the music industry.

They want us to come to concerts and I'm sure they're fine with signing autographs, but is it necessary make websites dedicated to trashing them, or being bitchy to their girlfriends and friends that are girls just because we want to be them or are threatened by them.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this: They don't want us, in a romantic way at least. They never will. You're probably never going to be best friends. The only thing we can do is support them. Besides think of it this way: lets say you pull some fucking weird ass move to get yourself backstage(and i've heard some fucking insane stories) I've also heard about the reactions and its not pretty. Is it worth it to meet your favorite band for 2 minutes before they find out what you did to get there in the first place? Its not like they're gonna be like "Oh thats so cute! Why don't you go back out and enjoy the concert!" No. You will be kicked out. They will bitch you out because chances are they are less then thrilled. And then you'll be like "Oh fuck. I just got bitched out by my favorite band.This really sucks."  all because you didn't let them have a little bit of privacy.

Really, they're just normal guys that happen to play music we like.

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Hannah S
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