Does Society Hate Feminism?

It's interesting to analyze people's reactions towards feminism. Some people find it unnecessary, exaggerated, outdated, weird, a waste of women's time, and even "unfeminine" (that one is definitely my favorite). On the other hand, I had a completely different reaction. I've always felt that feminism fights for justice and for what is right. Whenever I read feminist magazines and blogs, I find comfort in these words written by individuals who think just like me. When I read these articles, I always get the impression that these writers point out the most basic and logical observation on injustice and basic human rights. So you would think that most people would agree with these concepts, but unfortunately, this is not the case when the message is coming from a feminist.

Whenever I'm totally fascinated by a feminist article and I share it with family and friends, they usually roll their eyes at me or they just stay silent and change the topic. Sometimes they've seen my point and they agree with me, but it rarely happens. Because of this reaction, I find myself sharing less and less of my feminist perspective with my friends (which is horrible, I know...). And what seems to be fair and logical to me seems "extremist radical feminism" to them (and not in a positive way). So why is there such a strong reaction against feminism? And most importantly, why are people disagreeing so much on basic rights for women? Especially when these people who are disagreeing are women to begin with...

I'm not a genius, but I am smart, and I do feel that a part of me is more developed and more socially conscious because of feminism. And maybe that is what people are lacking and that is why they can't see my point of view. I don't want to sound full of myself and say that I'm more advanced than other people, but I do feel that feminism makes me a better person. Feminism has helped my self-esteem and body issues, my relationship with women and men, and it has given me a critical point of view to look at society. It has made me aware of all the problems that women face, which are often sugar-coated and repackaged by society to trivialize these problems.

I don't really know how to finish this post. A part of me wants to say "Yes let's spread the word about feminism!" but no one seems to want to hear it. If people "hate" feminism, then how can they be opened to this message?

I guess only one thing comes to mind. Education. Let's educate people as best as we can.

Natalia also writes for her own blog, This Is Natalia.

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Natalia K
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