Dishwashing Feminism

You know, I kinda wanted my debut at the FBomb to be intellectual and interesting and all that, but somehow my first article has turned out to be one of those feel-of-the-moment snippets.

Anyway, recently I’ve moved up from the Junior/High School group at my church to the College/Not Married Yet group, and it’s a big change – lots of outings, more mature stuff… and with more mature stuff comes more societal influences. It’s always been there, but gender responsibilities are stronger than ever. And I don’t like it.

Last week my church group made dinner at somebody’s house, and when we all finished, I got comments like “the women are supposed to go in and do the dishes now.” Oh, by the way, we’re all Korean, which makes it regular sexism x2. Regardless of anything, though, at that shocking comment, I was just like “what?!” and shot back a middle finger, but they kept coming at me! And they treated me like I was WRONG for rejecting the job of washing dishes because I was a girl! In the end I really had to wash the dishes, because the pastor’s wife was doing it and I felt really sorry for her.

I wouldn’t be talking about this unless my mom (whom I’m sure is in the midst of menopause right now) didn't just burst out at me today for refusing to wash the dishes. I mean, I’m just not that sort of person! But then today, all of a sudden, she’s like: “you’re eighteen! How are you going to get married if you don’t know how to do the [%$#%@] dishes?!?!?!”

I bet she won’t tell my brother that when he turns eighteen.

It makes me wonder. A lot. What could possibly have gone wrong in history that it’s turned out like this? 1. Man brings money. 2. Woman shops for food. 3. Woman makes food. 4. Man eats food. 5. Woman washes dishes.

Duuude! That’s just not fair!

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Julia P
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