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I live in an extremely Republican environment, and I identify as a Democrat. I am an extremely involved member in my Young Democrats Club at my school.  I was in the process of letting my mother know that I was campaigning for our upcoming local elections, and my stepdad cut me off and started arguing with me.

One of the things we argued about was gay rights.  I’m not homosexual, but I still don't believe that heterosexuals have the right to tell others they can’t be gay. So with my quick wit, I won the argument. But then my stepdad asks, “Who’s the boy?”

I said, “There isn’t one.” (Because there isn’t.) And he goes, “Well, when I was in high school, girls joined clubs to get the boy’s attention that they were interested in.”

So then I said, “What? I’m not allowed to think independently and form my own opinions, and do things just to get a boy’s approval? WOW! What a concept!!” (I love my sarcasm)

I continued to tell him that it was a sexist remark, and that I didn’t appreciate it. He then told me I couldn’t take a joke, and that I was “wound tight.”

I’m just really pissed off, and I really would like to know how to deal with these kinds of situations. Any advice?

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Chelsea H
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