Constance McMillen: I'm Sorry People Where You Live Seriously Suck

As if things don't suck enough for Constance McMillen in Itawamba County, where she was initially banned from her prom because she wanted to NOT have to hide the fact that she's gay and bring her girlfriend as her date...they just got a little worse. In case you missed the first post about Constance McMillen, here's her appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show to catch you up:

So, when things were looking like they might turn around the fine people of Itawamba decided that that couldn't possibly happen. Clearly, the outrage of such OFFENSIVENESS as a gay couple (21st century people...21st century) called for the parents to get involved and do something truly heinous.

The Advocate is reporting that Constance McMillen and her date, in addition to five other students (two of which have been reported to have learning disabilities) were sent to a separate prom that was school chaperoned while a parent-organized prom for the rest of the class was held elsewhere.

This bit of news left me with a few questions.

Question 1: Do the people of Itawamba listen to the news...just...at all?

I mean Jesus God. You would think that even if just the common sense of "Oh, hey, maybe these people ALSO deserve civil rights even if for some idiotic reason I don't agree with a lifestyle that is completely none of my business," didn't sink in, the hordes of negative attention being thrown at this community by the media would knock some sense into them. But no, even the parents are now getting in on getting the evil lesbians and all other kids who are different in any way out of the emblem of societal conformation that is prom. I guess the power of complete hatred towards a bright young woman because of her sexuality cancels out the overwhelming reaction of a nation...and again, that pesky common sense.

Question 2: Do these PARENTS have nothing else to do?

I mean when it all comes down to it this is prom we're talking about it. If we take away the issues of gay rights, though it is a large and important one in this circumstance, no doubt, these parents are really putting a shit ton of effort into a freakin prom. But I guess it's not just the prom, is it? They are trying to save the innocence and morality possessed by their poor children. God forbid they be exposed to diversity - some power from above would probably smite them.

Question 3: How can Constance possibly still want to go to this prom?

Yes, I completely understand the principle of her still wanting - and really, needing - to go to prom. But just to get right down to it - if I were in her place I would really rather sit at home doing a mega-marathon of John Hughes movies with my significant other, actually having a good time, rather than immersed in the sweaty pit of close-mindedness that would be that prom. As Constance herself said about the kids who attended the "alternative prom"- "They had the time of their lives. That's the one good thing that came out of this, [these kids] didn't have to worry about people making fun of them [at their own prom]." I mean, damn straight. But then again, I'm probably just projecting my prom-hate and low tolerance for people who hate other people for no freakin reason onto Constance. It really is great that she wants to get to that damn prom.

I don't know that I'll ever get answers to these questions, but I do have something to say about Constance. She's clearly brave and smart - if nothing else, she should just know that she's going to do great things and is going to be more than fine from here on out while her precious classmates stew in their own hatred until it drowns them.

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Julie Zeilinger
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