It's the word that everyones heard before. If you're a female you've probably been called it at least once in your lifetime. A bitch is sometimes that girl who speaks out. She's labeled a bitch so she'll just SHUT UP already. [And because I'm a girl and I refuse to shut up I'll proudly claim this name. Yes, I'm a bitch.] Girls have repeatedly reclaimed offensive terms such as cunt, bitch, slut in order to bring power to the word, and consequently, bring power to ourselves.

It hurts me most when I hear other girls using the word Bitch to describe another female they dislike. In fact, girls hating girls just makes me sad in general. Hating each other to prove something to ourselves and to boys is the opposite of feminism and revolution. There's no unity and there's no progress. There's just hate.

When I hear guys snickering about some "DUMB SLUT" that they "HOPE DIES" my heart starts pounding. I am angry but I am also mortified; embarrassed for their hatred and even more embarrassed that I'm not doing anything about it. [It would be so easy to land my fist in their face, right? But I am not violent I am not violent...]

Some of us are so scared of being talked about like this; being called that nasty B word, that we do ANYTHING to seem otherwise. So we act like the nice girls that we're encouraged to be, with our hair combed straight, trapped in stony silence. Sometimes we are forced into nice girl costumes, contained within silence instead of speaking our minds. But that doesnt mean that we're not letting the Bitch live on inside our heads. Girls who may seem shy and quiet at first can be resisting too. Quiet/loud, white/black, gay/straight...girls everywhere are participating in a sort of revolution where we take off our polite smiles occasionally and say, "Hey were not scared of being called bitches anymore."

Bitch. Both detestable and potent. It makes my skin crawl when boys say it but I also use it to describe my own self-assuredness. It has duality and versatility.

Bitch. What does it mean to me; to you; to girls? It can sound like rebellion, like not giving in, like taking something messed up and negative and making it ALL YOURS.

[I guess we are just a bunch of beautiful and cool bitches ready to change stuff for real.]

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Beth T
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