Billboard of aborted fetuses outside Phoenix high school

A few weeks ago, this 22-foot billboard truck, showing a first trimester aborted fetus, circled a Phoenix area high school. The billboards were sponsored by The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR) [Warning: Graphic Site], who chose Camelback High School because of their "innovative and proactive 'school choice' campaign."

The Regional Director for CBR, John Walsh, defended his actions, saying, "High school students are sexually active and often resort to having an abortion in order to escape from the unintended consequences of their promiscuity. They need to be educated about what abortion looks like before they commit to such a course of action."

I'm sorry...this is education? There is nothing educational about this billboard. And insinuating that an abortion is the easy way out? Yes, we all know that teenage girls today are completely uncontrollable sluts, who don't think twice about getting knocked up, because they basically rely on abortion. They deserve to be punished for that, instead of having options. Shame on you, stupid slut. JUST NO.

What teenagers need before they "commit to such a course of action" is actual information that they can use, like visiting this site,  not a bloody picture. Although this isn't really surprising coming from the CBR. Their URL alone (abortionNO.org) pretty much sums up their mission, and the first thing you see on their website is an actual video of an abortion procedure.

Then Walsh, who really should have just stopped talking after claiming a single picture is educational, said, "'The views and opinions of high school students regarding abortion are a lot more malleable than are those of college students,'" Walsh said. 'We want to deliver the truth about abortion to these impressionable young minds before their future college professors close down all debate on the topic.'"

So...let's not let them make their own decisions...let's get them while they're young and confused, and let them form their opinions based on a horrifying picture. And those dumb college professors have no idea what they're talking about, anyway.

While I do have faith in teenagers to realize how messed up this advertisement is (obviously I do, and I know my friends would be truly disturbed), to think that this could possibly be a major source of information about abortion for teenagers is truly frightening. As John Walsh himself pointed out, teens deserve education. Education means facts and it means teaching about options, not trying to scare the sexual urge out of teen (which still won't work).

*Big disappointed, angry sigh*

Thanks to Nona for the link!

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Julie Zeilinger
Founding Editor of The WMC FBomb
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